Additional School Visit Presentations

If you’re interested in a school visit presentation that’s different from my standard presentation, here are some possibilities…

  • THE POWER OF REVISION: Deeper Thinking and a More Organized Brain (The “Motivational Revision Dance” is great for all ages. Check out this video featuring Miss Ali’s Second Grade Class: 

  • THE CREATIVE WRITING PROCESS: Breaking Open the Possibilities & Discovering Your Story One Layer at a Time (Even If You Don’t Think of Yourself as a Writer)
  • TALKING ACROSS THE DIVIDE: Finding Common Ground in a Polarizing Environment
  • THE PATH TO PUBLICATION: Pushing Past Rejection

If you have other ideas for talks or workshops, I’d love to connect and collaborateI used to teach middle school social studies, and lesson-planning is still one of my loves. 

To get a sense of my teaching style, check out the videos below.


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