A 3-Part Video Series on Creative Writing

I’m excited to offer a 3-part video series on creative writing:

“What to Write When You Don’t Know What to Write (And You Don’t Think You’re a Writer)”

All ages of participants are welcome! I always tell students that if I can write, they can write — it’s just about breaking the process down into small manageable steps.  

The videos will launch at 1pm EST on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, and I’ll post the YouTube links right here.

If you or your students have questions about the writing process, comment below, and I’ll try to answer as many as I can!






Download the this worksheet with 13 Questions to help you figure out your story’s plot!


16 Responses to “A 3-Part Video Series on Creative Writing”

  1. Addysen Benson

    I can’t wait to watch your videos. I know they will be great. And I believe that these videos will help me finish the book/story I am writing. Thank you for everything.

  2. Terri S

    So excited. My students and love your work. Will videos me available after they stream?

  3. Tracey

    Great first day. So hoping some of my students sign in and watched as well. Some great ideas to get my aspiring writers started.

  4. Jill

    That was amazing! So simple, I’ve been overthinking this. I greatly appreciate your down to earth style. Thank you!!! Looking forward to tomorrow!

      • Belinda

        Thank you, Ann, for these wonderful videos! You mentioned the possibility of a video series on revision—I hope you decide to make that series because I would eat that up with a spoon!

  5. Mrs Hill

    Hi Ms Braden,

    We are so glad to see you! Thank you for sharing about your writing process. My daughter, students and I have started the writing journey with you!

    🙂 Mrs Hill

  6. mr. jang

    I just LOVED your book, the benefits of being an octopus.
    I will definitely tell my students about your book.

  7. Donna Dieterich

    Hi Ann,
    I am such a fan of yours! I teach 5th grade in Westlake, Ohio and shared this with my kids today. I think you are brilliant. I love how you have framed writing as a way to take control. Especially during these uncertain times right now, your message is so important— and gives kids a way to take control over something in their lives… WRITING. I just love that! I do have a question for you about the writing process… When my students are writing stories I have noticed many of them get bogged down by feeling obligated to tell every little thing — so much so that it really slows the story down. What advice would you give to a writer to help them move their story along? Thank you so much for your time and doing this video series!
    Donna Dieterich

    • ann

      I’m so glad the approach is helpful! There are certainly LOTS of times in our lives that feeling some sense of control can help us stay sane, and this sure is one of them!

      And I love your question. That’s a great one. I’ll definitely answer that in tomorrow’s vidoe.

      • Donna Dieterich

        Thank you so much! We will be tuned in tomorrow! 🙂

  8. Brendan

    Hello, My teacher has assigned us this video and I have a question. While publishing your story, how hard is it to find an editor and a publisher?