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NOTE: To book a school visit, email Andrea Cruise at

As a former middle school teacher and author, Ann brings together energy and an inspiring message of student empowerment and empathy. And she’s finally booking in-person visits again! 


Her new in-person presentation uses her books to help students to recognize the ways they *do* have power in their lives — the power of their inner strength, the power of connection, and the power of a question. Ann includes up to 3 large presentations in a day and is happy to meet with a small group of students over lunch, as well. Her fee is generally $1000 plus travel, but she’s willing to get creative to help schools who don’t have the budget for that cover the cost: grouping school visits together to lower the travel cost, letting schools share a day’s visit with a nearby school, providing discounts for Title 1 schools, etc.





Ann is also happy to offer a variety of virtual visit options. To book either an in-person or a virtual visit with Ann, email Andrea Cruise at Penguin Random House!



“Ann Braden is a powerful, energetic force of love, joy, creativity, compassion, and inspiration.  She brings her heartwarming story of perseverance to life for her audiences, and she challenges them to find the superpower that exists in themselves and others.  She captivated and motivated over 550 7th and 8th graders with her enthusiastic approach.   

She personally reached out to the “Zoeys” in our school and empowered them with the desire to discover their individual voices.  This was a life-changing, emotional experience for me personally and for so many of our staff and students.”

  –Caradith Craven, Librarian in Oklahoma










Since I used to be a middle school teacher, I know how important it can be to have a wide range of ways to hook kids in and get them engaged. You’re welcome to use as many of the videos as you like!

Free Video Resources for Flight of the Puffin:

There’s a TON of video resources for a Flight of the Puffin Read Aloud.  (Too many to include on this page. 🙂 )

Click the image to be brought to the treasure trove!


Free Video Resources about Writing in General:

Here’s a Three-Part Video Series on Creative Writing:


Free Video Resources about The Benefits of Being an Octopus:

Read Aloud of the 1st Chapter of The Benefits of Being an Octopus


30-Second Book Talk on The Benefits of Being an Octopus


Q & A about The Benefits of Being an Octopus


The Inspiration Behind The Benefits of Being an Octopus




Download the Free Educator’s Guide

Download the Enhanced Educator’s Guide for The Benefits of Being an Octopus HERE!





Projects Inspired by The Benefits of Being an Octopus

#TeamOctopus Across the Country

Connect with Other Educators

Connect with other educators using The Benefits of Being An Octopus with students on the #TeamOctopus Forum!

  • Pair up with other classrooms reading OCTOPUS this year!
  • Get ideas for social action projects that connect to the book!
  • Pose questions to other teachers who have used OCTOPUS!
  • Enter giveaways, such as winning books and/or #TeamOctopus T-shirts for your students!


Check out the #TeamOctopus Flipgrid HERE!


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