School Visits and Workshops

NOTE: To book a school visit, email Andrea Cruise at

As a former middle school teacher and author, Ann brings together energy and an inspiring message of student empowerment and empathy. 

Her presentation uses her books to help students to recognize the ways they *do* have power in their lives — the power of their inner strength, the power of connection, and the power of a question. Ann includes up to 3 large presentations during a school visit and is happy to meet with a small group of students over lunch, as well.

The fee for a full day visit is $1500 plus travel, and there are discounts when booking multiple days in the same geographical area: $1400/day for two days, $1300/day for three days, and $1200/day for four days. She’s also willing to get creative to help schools who don’t have the budget for that cover the cost, letting schools share a day’s visit with a nearby school and providing discounts for Title 1 schools.




Interested in a virtual option? Ann also offers 30-min virtual Q&A sessions for $250. 




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