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I’m currently booking school visits for the 2018-2019 school year! Contact me HERE for my schedule and rates.*

As a former middle school teacher & author, I bring together energy and an inspiring message of student empowerment and empathy.

“Best author visit I’ve ever attended!” – A Veteran Teacher


“Her positivity, message, and ease of interacting with the students are wonderful!” – Lea Marcello, Library Media Specialist

I offer both large assemblies & smaller workshops. In my presentations I draw on the main character Zoey to discuss the steps for being on #TeamOctopus:

1) Recognize your own superpowers.

2) Name the obstacles in your path.

3) Find the courage to speak up.

4) Team up with allies who will listen and support you.

In the book, Zoey draws an octopus on her shoulder to remind herself of her inner strength, and at the end of the presentation, I give each student a temporary octopus tattoo so they can remind themselves of their own inner strength.


Download a Flyer about my Author Visits HERE*I also offer FREE Skype visits for any class that has read the book!

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Download the Enhanced Educator’s Guide for The Benefits of Being an Octopus HERE!

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