Logistics for #TeamOctopus in the July 4th Parade

Join us to march with #TeamOctopus in the Brattleboro, VT July 4th parade and help launch the Community Read!

Here are the logistics…

Who: You! Did you read the book? Are you excited to read it? Do you promise to remind yourself of your inner strength? Then, you should come march with us! All ages welcome!

When: July 4th at 9:40am in the middle section of the BUHS student parking lot. (The parade starts at 10am.)*

What to Wear: #TeamOctopus T-shirts! We’ve been able to fundraise enough so that we can provide FREE T-SHIRTS to every kid who is part of the parade. I’ll have them at the meeting spot ready for you. (Or if you’d like to pick yours up ahead of time, they’ll be at Brooks Memorial Library in the children’s room on July 3rd.)

What to Bring: Water bottles! (It’s a hot parade so let’s make sure we stay hydrated. I’ll have a wagon that you can put your water bottle in during the parade.)

Optional: Hand-Made #TeamOctopus Signs! (I’ll have poster board and markers at the meet-up location, so if you come early enough you can make a sign beforehand.)

We’ll also hopefully have the giant “octopus” from Cotton Mill Hill to carry, and a variety of tentacles/stuffed octopuses to wave around, but you don’t have to bring those!

Let me know if you’re hoping to come. It’s going to be so fun! 



*Here are all the logistics from the organizers of the parade:

The Canal Street entrance to Fairground Road will be the only way to reach Brattleboro Union High School before the July 4 parade, as access from South Main Street will be barricaded to traffic.

Marchers needing to park can do so in lots on the school side of Fairground Road but not on the street. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST CARPOOLING.

We’ll be lining up in the student parking lot across the street from Brattleboro Union High School. Please enter only at the eastern end opposite the baseball grandstand (the western end opposite the auditorium is an exit) and position yourself with help of marshals.

Remind all marchers that, by participating, everyone is agreeing to the statement: “I’ve read the rules and agree my group will adhere to all. I also understand that the volunteer ‘By the People: Brattleboro Goes Fourth’ citizens committee assumes no liability for any damages or injuries that participants may sustain before, during or after the public event and, therefore, our group holds the committee harmless from any legal action.”

(We reserve the right to reject or remove anyone incompliant with the march’s standards or spirit.)


All entries must be capable of safely navigating the route (Fairground Road to Canal and Main streets to the Common) and no more than 12 feet in height so not to snap overhead wires. All drivers must have valid licenses and vehicles have proof of liability insurance. All bicyclists/skateboarders/unicyclists/other riders of self-propelled devices must wear helmets.

Participants shouldn’t stop to perform but instead maintain a steady forward pace so spectators don’t face large gaps. (Brattleboro Community Television asks that everyone slow down and “give us their best smiles” when marching past the live cameras on Main Street.)

NO STOPPING OR PARKING AT THE COMMON OR ADJACENT STREETS. Either exit onto Chapin Street or Route 30 or, if you must stop and park, continue to the American Legion lots on Linden Street.

Participants must walk street-side to distribute candy, flags, balloons or other family-friendly items. Our liability insurance policy prohibits throwing anything from moving vehicles, as someone may be hit or encouraged to get too close to turning wheels.

Because of an unusually high number of entries and concerns expressed by local environmental and energy-conservation groups, all units must limit themselves to one vehicle (the only exceptions: the Brattleboro Fire Department and senior/veterans groups who can’t all fit in one car).

Absolutely no unofficial sirens, flashing lights, smoke, flames, special effects or conduct that could cause a spectator and/or safety official to believe there’s an emergency.

All participants are urged to protect themselves by bringing sunscreen, shade hats and water. In the hopefully unlikely event that police/fire/rescue units must respond to an emergency, all marchers/vehicles should MOVE RIGHT so to clear the left lane for authorities.

Here’s where we’ll gather:

Brattleboro Elks #1499
Brattleboro American Legion color guard/band
Brattleboro Fire Department
Small Fry baseball
Affordable Towing
Guilford Volunteer Fire Department
Putney Fire Department
Vernon Fire Department
West Dummerston Fire Department
Chesterfield, N.H., Fire and Rescue
Rescue Inc.

police cruisers
Vermont Governor’s Institute on Current Issues & Youth Activism

Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro
Brattleboro Detachment 798 Marine Corps League
Vietnam Veterans of America, Brattleboro Chapter 843
Vermont Patriot Guard Riders
Agape Christian Fellowship
Brattleboro Masonic Lodge #102
Ladies’ Oriental Shrine of North America Nile Court #94
Thompson House
Vernon Homes-Vernon Birches/Vernon Hall/Vernon Green
Brattleboro Union High School band

WSESU Let’s Read! Committee <––
Brattleboro Historical Society
WTSA Radio
Brattleboro Little League
Brattleboro Retreat Ride for Heroes
1049 Nash Icon 
Faith’s Ford

“We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights for All” banner
Alfred Hughes Jr. with local/state officials/officeholders


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