Opossum Stickers! (And some fun upcoming opportunities!)

It is full-on winter here in Vermont right now, and it is gorgeous, but I’ve also got some fun announcements about this coming spring and summer!

My newest book Opinions and Opossums is coming out on May 2nd (just over 3 months from now!) and RIGHT NOW there’s a 25% Off Pre-Order Sale at Barnes and Noble (just use the code PREORDER25)!

Plus, when you pre-order Opinions and Opossums (either from B&N or another bookstore of your choice), I’ll send you two fun opossum stickers! One for you and one for a friend — or simply: both for you!

(Because you get to have BOTH opinions AND questions!)

*If you’d like to hold out for a signed copy, just hang tight for now, and I’ll have details about that soon.



Interested in a Kids’ Book Club?

I am lucky enough to be in an absolutely amazing critique group. We live in different parts of the country, but we meet every other week by zoom, and over the years we’ve become the best of friends. AND in celebration of the fact that all four of us have new middle grade books out this year, we’re thinking about hosting a fun kids’ book club where we discuss our books, play some story-based games, answer questions about the writing process, and give away signed books!



And ANOTHER Opportunity for Adults!

I’m going to be back at the Putney School this summer leading another weeklong writing workshop for adults! It was SO great last year. The setting is gorgeous, the food is delicious, and not only are you getting to hang out with fabulous (and hilarious) writers (many of whom will likely be teachers or librarians — and will also likely be cat people*), but you’ll also get to mingle with art-loving people of all kinds: painters, ceramicists, jazz musicians, jewelry makers, weavers, and the folks working in the blacksmith forge!

I structure the workshop so that you’ll have your writing needs met whether you don’t have a clue what you should write or if you’ve already got a novel written and you need to focus on revising. Last year, I was blown away by what the writers at the workshop accomplished. Some of them didn’t even consider themselves writers at the beginning, but let me tell you, they considered themselves writers by the end! And what they produced was simply magical.

The dates are Sunday, August 6th through Saturday, August 12th, and you can stay on campus — but don’t have to if you’re local.

You want to hang out for a week together in a gorgeous spot in Vermont this summer, don’t you?

*You can also take part if you are NOT a cat person. Thankfully, the participating writers will likely also be open-minded and accepting.