Flight of the Puffin Launch Opportunities

I am so grateful to everyone who was able to come to the Flight of the Puffin launch party last night! If you’re bummed you missed it, you’re in luck because Bartleby’s Books recorded it! And it’s worth watching because there was some POWERFUL conversation in that hour. I’m so grateful to Matthew Winner and Amber Leventry for being part of the event and for bringing their fabulous perspectives.

Watch the Flight of the Puffin Launch Party Recording Here! 


There are also two more chances to hear about Flight of the Puffin live. Tomorrow, Thursday May 6th at 8pm EDT I’ll be chatting with Lisa Fipps, the author of the incredible debut Starfish, hosted by Blue Willow Bookstore (Register here). And next Wednesday, May 12th at 7pm EDT via The Unlikely Story, I’ll be with Newbery honor author Jasmine Warga whose new book The Shape of Thunder is incredible. (Register here.) I hope you’re able to find a way to take part that fits your schedule!


And folks who are near Brattleboro…On Saturday, May 22nd there’s going to be an outdoor book event hosted by Everyone’s Books and featuring me along with three other local powerhouses: Diana Whitney, Angela Berkfield, and Shanta Lee Gander — with Robin Marie MacArthur moderating! (Register here.)

Here’s to good, deep conversations!