Announcing the FLIGHT OF THE PUFFIN Read Aloud: Connecting Classrooms Coast to Coast

Have I got news for you!

I’m so excited to be teaming up with Penguin Random House to announce the…



Join author Ann Braden and classrooms around the country to read aloud Ann’s new book Flight of the Puffin together, and let kindness take flight!

Starting April 19th, for five weeks, Ann will be posting videos every week, including read alouds, ways to connect to a classroom in a different part of the country – and activities to reach out to those feeling isolated. Plus, you can start reading the sections for the first two weeks for FREE with our downloadable sampler!




*If you’re on school vacation for the first week (Hello, New England!), you’re welcome to start a week later. The structure allows for lots of flexibility. 




Download the FREE sampler with sections for the FIRST TWO WEEKS of the READ ALOUD!


What Happens When You Sign Up for the Flight of the Puffin Read Aloud?

  • You’ll decide if you’d like to be paired up with another classroom that’s also participating.  (If you choose to, you’ll get an e-mail introduction to the educator you’re paired with, so you can brainstorm ways you’d like to connect.)
  • You’ll be e-mailed a Flight of the Puffin Read Aloud Starter Kit with a schedule, discussion questions, and a template to print your own blank #PuffinsUnite postcards. We can also mail you a pack of 50 blank postcards if that’s easier for you.
  • You’ll have the chance to sign up for a 20-min Q&A with Ann at a special discounted Read Aloud rate. Each session will be just $50 for Read Aloud participants, and if you want to team up with other classrooms at the same time, you can split the cost.



Why read Flight of the Puffin with students?

It’s about four (very different) kids in different parts of the country who feel isolated. It’s about the power of a single small act of kindness from a stranger. It’s about how these kids start to recognize that they are awesome just the way they are, and that they’re not, in fact, alone.

This is a book about building bridges across divides: geographic divides, political divides, divides within families, divides within ourselves. When Ann wrote it, she never imagined the magnitude of the pandemic-induced divides we’d be facing – and how isolated we would ALL be feeling. This is a time for us to recognize how connected we all are, despite these divides.

Plus, it has super short chapters that make it accessible and easy to fit into schedules!

Beyond the Book: #PuffinsUnite

Inspired by the book, the #PuffinsUnite action will encourage readers to send postcards with encouraging messages to others, whether it’s students in other places or to organizations that support those who might need extra love: nursing homes, homeless shelters, Meals On Wheels groups, LGBTQIA organizations, racial justice organizations or simply individuals who could use a boost. It’s amazing how the simple act of sending a postcard can make us both feel connected – and to realize the power each of us has inside. Because we have the power to send out ALL KINDS of ripples of kindness into the world! (Find out more here.)


PLUS: Ann will be mailing each participating class a postcard! Hopefully by the end of the read aloud, it’ll be clear that even though we’re masked up and apart from one another, we’re all still connected — maybe even MORE connected than we were before. Because you’re not alone. And your students aren’t alone. And together we can let kindness take flight!


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