Find the Octopus

In The Benefits of Being an Octopus, Zoey is obsessed with octopus. To her, one of its most enviable superpower is its ability to camouflage itself. You want to see what she means? Check out the octopus in this video.

(And yes, the octopus is right there even at the beginning. See if you can find it.)

Crazy, eh? The octopus makes the Mr. Master-of-Disguise chameleon look like the two-year-old who hides by burying just their face in the couch pillows. Not quite as sophisticated.

Here’s a second clip in which marine biologist Roger Hanlon (who took the first video) talks with Flora Lichtman at Science Friday about how a cephalopod’s skin is able to help make this happen. So cool!

“We’re behind the eight ball, as it were, if we think the world looks like how we see it.”

Isn’t that the truth?