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      At my school visits, I talk a lot about the importance of speaking up, and so I’m really excited to give students who have read the book a new way to make their voices heard. Students will be able to choose a prompt and submit their thoughts (either by copying and pasting text, uploading a photo, or linking to a youtube video of them talking.) And then (if they’d like) their work will be published on my website.

      Here is the link to the Student Voices page (with a link to the form for submitting work)

      And here are the prompts:
      1) People at Zoey’s school don’t understand her as a person and what her life’s like. Describe one thing about you or your life that people at school don’t know or understand.

      2) If you could change one thing about your world, what would you change? Why? Who would you need to talk to to start making that change? What would you say?

      3) You get to write your own version of a sequel! In your mind, what happens next––or down the road? (Your thoughts as a reader are just as valid as the author’s!)

      There’s a good chance the students might even get a little something in the mail after submitting!

      I’m so excited for us all to be able to listen to their voices!

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      I LOVE THIS!!!! I intend to use it when we start reading the nook later this month!!!! Thank you for allowing student voices to be heard!

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        I’m so glad!

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      Thanks for creating so many great opportunities for educators to use your book! As the school librarian I intend to share your resources with the teaching staff!

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      This is a great oppurtunity! Im excited to share this with our ELAR teachers and in turn get our students engaged on a whole new level!!

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      What an amazing idea for students to share and stand up for something they believe in!

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