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      I would like to schedule a Skype session to discuss this novel with another class 5th grade and up (preferably in a different state). If possible we could create a document for students to interact as they complete each chapter, compete on Kahoot, and then discuss any relatable issues during the Skype. Please let me know if you are interested.

      Tentative Dates: week of Dec 16-20
      Time Zone: (CST)
      ELA 6th-8th grade
      Chicago, IL

      Best regards,
      Kimiko Pettis

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      I teach 5th grade. I read the book with my students last year. I plan on reading it with kiddos this year as well!
      Micro ES in Micro, NC

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      I have not yet read your book but have added it to my list. With all your added resources I think a few of our teachers will love adding it to their curriculum! I’m the school librarian.

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      I moved to 5th grade this year and am planning on reading it with my class too. December works for my time frame, so if you want to partner up via Skype let me know! @jdepler2

      Jackie from NJ (EST)

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      Cliff here from Londonderry, VT!

      One of our sending towns is actually mentioned in the book! Our 8th graders are reading the Benefits right now and LOVING it. We’d be down for a group kahoot, pen pals, some class to class skype chat or anything similar if people need connections. We’re available in December!

      Time Zone: (EST)
      ELA 8th grade, 6-8 Integrated Studies(thematic science/social studies PBL)
      Londonderry, VT

      Cliff DesMarais

      (twitter) (web)
      @floodbrookmiddleschool (student run instagram)

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