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      Don’t let the cat out of the bag outside this forum, but the other giveaway I’m planning to make happen this August is specifically for Title 1 schools. I’ll hoping to give away 150 copies of the paperback(!) that’ll be coming out in September via First Book!

      My question:

      Would you prefer to have the giveaway be:
      1) 5 separate full class sets of paperbacks (30 in each class set) going to 5 different Title 1 schools?


      2) 150 copies of the paperback for one school to use as an all-grade or all-school read?

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      I would love a grade level set for my school. As the librarian of a Chicago Public School I could read the book across the grade level. I would love to let them keep this book as a graduation present and reminder of the power each and every student’s holds. I wish you were giving away a visit to school… we could never afford the stipend. The students would be so excited to meet an author that knows how to use the power of words to inspire others!

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      I think it would be great to reach 5 different Title 1 schools! Your messages of inner strength and empowering yourself would then reach many communities.

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      I think it would be great to do the 5 class sets. It let’s multiple title 1 schools have a chance to win and spread the awareness seen in this book. As a teacher at a title 1 school personally, as much as I would love 150 copies for more students to read at once, 30 books are more than enough to reach all of my 8th graders!

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      I would love for 5 different schools to benefit. A class set then could be shared across a grade level/levels.

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      A class set going to 5 different schools would be awesome. My partner teacher and I in 5th grade ELA are able to share our class sets of books throughout the year so that way all students get to experience the text.

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      I’d love to see 5 separate giveaways. This will put the books into more schools and, ultimately, more kids’ hands! I know that at my school, we all share the class sets of books that we have so that each class gets to read the books. AND! We can stretch our money and order even more books!!

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      While I would love to have enough to read it across one grade level, I think that having it spread to five different schools and impact that many more students is what would be the best. That way we could spread the love!

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      I like the idea of 5 schools having the chance for a group set. 30 copies would be plenty for my tiny district. If I won I’d consider sharing some with the other country schools neighboring my district.

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      I love the idea of 5 different schools getting access to this book! More schools = more kids reading 🙂

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      I’d love to see it be a 5 school giveaway. The more spread of reach this book has, the better! And even among one grade level, just one class set can make a huge difference!

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      This is great feedback, everyone! Five schools it is! Thank you!

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      This is a good question. 5 different ent school sounds the best as you can get more kids. But the school
      Needs to share them with the rest of the school not just one class. This message to good for just one grade.

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      I just wanted to let you all know that this giveaway (for five sets of 30 books each) will launch today (8/20) around 4pm EST on Twitter! Thank you so much for your feedback!

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      Thank you for doing this giveaway! Many students will be able to get their own copy of this book, and what a joy that will be!

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      I am so amazed with how this novel has touched so many teachers and students around the world. My students last year loved the book and it triggered so many conversations that need to happen! Thank you!!

      I am transferring to a Title 1 book and can’t wait to share with them this amazing novel!

      Thank you!!

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      I would prefer 5 separate classes of books. Spread the love!

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      5 separate class sets. Our grade level rotates books every month for our class so we all get to read them, just at different times.

      Kimberly Clarke
      5th grade

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      I would prefer 5 separate sets. We are a large district (19 schools). This way I could share with other Title I schools in the district. (Your secret is safe with me. Thank you! 😀)

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      I think 5 different schools should receive the books. After I read to my class, the other 6th grade teacher could use my set!

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      Teaching in a Title 1 school, my opinion is that I would love for 5 Title 1 schools to have an opportunity to win a class set. That just means that more teachers can reach more students. The winning teacher/school can then pass it around to the ELAR teachers as this would garauntee that every kid has an opportunity to read and learn about Inner Strength.

      Crockett Middle School Irving, TX
      6th, 7th, 8th Grades
      Advanced Tech, Entrepreneurship, College and Career Readiness (CTE)
      Title 1 School
      Twitter: @CourgarCTE or @CoachQSays

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      5 separate class sets. This would give more schools the opportunity to read this book.

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