Student Voices – What I’d Change

We Asked:

If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change? Why? Who would you need to talk to to start making that change? What would you say? 

Here’s What You’re Saying…

I would change my grades. People look to me as a smart, nerdy person. They don’t really know what’s behind that. I spend at least 2-3 hours working on my math and science skills, leaving English and other subjects excluded. I wouldn’t say my grades are terrible excluding math and science, but they need to see an improvement. The thing about trying to be a straight A student is that it’s hard. People don’t really see it because you come to school with a smile on your face that’s just taped on there. On the inside, it’s really a pain trying to impress your parents and loved ones. But now, it’s a new start. I feel the need to change my grades (especially English) because I want to go far in life. I’m going to have to write essays in high school so, might as well be sharp on the subject from now. My family member once told me, “You have to strengthen your reading comprehension and English because the SATs and ACTs in high school aren’t just going to be on math and science.” Yes, I totally agree with that. I would make this change happen by consulting my teachers and going online for more practice. Maybe even reading more will help, but since I’m that type of math-sciencey person, that will be a huge adjustment. In a book I read titled, “Brave, not Perfect” by Reshma Saujani, she explains how not many girls are involved with technology, and how it’s a good thing to be good at math and science because men are usually in that field. I really hoped this inspired people to not get good grades to please people, but to make yourself confident and proud!

– Anonymous

The world is the world and there is nothing we can to change it. But we can change the people and the environment we live in. Think about it people our dying everyday , because of wars, shootings, and fights breaking out everywhere we look. we are afraid to go outside in fear of it being our last time. Parents won’t let their kid go out in fear of them getting hurt. This is our world we could ignore everything and just go on with our lives, or we could do something about this and help parents let there kids go out and have fun. so what are we going to do about it?

– Abby from Michigan