Student Voices – The Benefits of Being a ___________

We Asked:

If you were going to write a book called the THE BENEFITS OF BEING A _______, how would you fill in that blank. And what would your book be about?

It can be fun to choose an animal/food/object (the weirder the better) and use it as a metaphor to explore your main character.


I would fill in the blank with “Galapagos Tortoise”. Galapagos tortoises have no natural predators. They can live for over 150 years and live a solitary existence unless they have to mate. Sadly, they are critically endangered. I would use this animal as a metaphor for a character that spends most of his time alone, but it really wouldn’t bother him. My character would like music a lot. He would do really well in his classes, and science would be his favorite. His mom is the principal.

-Reed from Vermont

The benefits of being a lamp: Bryce helps his friends stop vaping in high school while being a light.

– Jack from Oklahoma

The benefits of being a sloth
by Bethany

why i would wright it about a sloth because it would be cool to see someone that was lazy and didn’t like to do a lot of stuff at all . why i would chose this animal it’s one of my favorite animals

let me introduce myself i am in sixth grade at wilson middle school that you visited a couple weeks ago i really enjoyed your book we just finished it in our class .
one of my go to animals have to be a sloth i love how they act and they really do what they want when they want.

– Bethany from Virginia