Student Voices – What People Don’t Get About Me

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People at Zoey’s school don’t understand her as a person and what her life’s like. Describe one thing about you or your life that people at school don’t know or understand.

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People at my school like teachers, students, administrators, and more. Do not know that my grandpa was taken from me before I was born. He was shot by a very devilish man that accused of trying to shoot another person and got a small time in prison/jail. I wake up happy in the outside but sad in the inside, but I keep going just like Zoey in this book and hope when I leave this earth i’ll get to met my Grandpa who ive never met.


Something that people don’t understand about me is that although I enjoy being alone and I’m very independent, I crave human contact. I tend to seclude myself and pretend that I can do everything by myself, but when it comes down to it, a bigger part of me wants to be surrounded by other humans. I enjoy being with other people quite a bit, but it’s getting past the first barriers that I have trouble with the most: dropping the “macho act”. But when I am around other people. You’ll never find me happier.

-Joceyn from Vermont