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Just a Girl
By Macy from Kansas

A story about life, loss, and the importance of who you are

“Being you is not an accomplishment, it’s something that makes you stronger.”

Hi, My name is Macy Gorsuch. Let me introduce myself. Let’s start here, and go back or shall we go back and forth? Just a fair warning: I’m weird but you’ll get used to me.

I am sixteen years old (Of course, now i’m seventeen). I have one biological sibling, two cats, two parents, five grandparents, and two great grandparents. (We’ll get there soon). I struggle with anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief, stress, and so much more. I do not have any body confidence, nor do I have any self confidence.

My whole life has not been “perfect”, and continues not to be. I am not perfect, neither are you. No one is.

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  this is something I have been doing for fun. I write because my mom used to love to and i think i got it from her.

Friday is my fav day!!!!!!

It is my fav day because it leads to the weekend and the only part about it is that we still have to go to school and i hate IT! So yeah. At least I don’t have to go to bed early, I get to stay up all night.

-Justice from Virginia

my name is isabella and i went thour a lot and i thinkkid and teens should not go thour what i did.

– Isabella from Virginia