The Beginnings of the Local Love Brigade


It’s been almost three years since I helped start the Local Love Brigade, and it makes me so happy that it is thriving and growing (both Kansas and Florida have formed new chapters in the past week!) I just happened upon this video of our very first get-together to make love postcards. It was put together by the fabulous photographer Ezlerh Oreste, and it’s like seeing my kids’ baby videos!


Local Love Brigade Postcard Making

Local Love Brigade Postcard Making

Friday, February 24th, 2017

“Be Part of the Local Love Brigade! Come by and make postcards to send out in an avalanche of love to support victims of hate. You’ll be part of a movement that has begun to illuminate the power of fierce love.”

Posted by Ezlerh Oreste on Monday, February 20, 2017



My next book, THE FLIGHT OF THE PUFFIN, was inspired by the Local Love Brigade and the way that the actions of a stranger can have ripple effects that go out and affect things in ways you wouldn’t expect. I’ll be digging in revisions of it soon, and it’s so important to reminder that even little actions — when they are based on love — can make a big difference.