Ann Braden

Finding Your Voice — Even When It’s Hard

One of the major themes in my novel, Zoey and the Screaming Monkeys, centers on the power of finding your own voice. Sometimes the obstacles in front of us feel way too overwhelming to tackle. On top of that there is the failure — in public! around people you know! — that can keep us from… Read more »

It is official!

In just over a year from now, Zoey and the Screaming Monkeys will be an actual book. Actual readers will be able to read it. This is serious.        

Using First Person Accounts to Understand the Realities of the Working Poor

I have long been a believer in the power of first person accounts. My Masters-in-Teaching thesis began by focusing on all the problems of history textbooks and then morphed into a 200-page alternative U.S. History textbook that relied entirely on first person accounts. Not only do first person accounts put regular people smack dab in… Read more »